Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

She Wants to Be a Big Sister–So She Prays

You would think after five years of nightly dinner time prayers and bedtime pleadings for a sibling that she would stop making her requests. I know there are days I can’t even mutter the words—at least not with the same fiery faith that her prayers contain. However, despite the years that have gone by with… Continue reading She Wants to Be a Big Sister–So She Prays

Josiah Day

Shamed, But Unashamed

February 17th. It’s a special kind of day; my Dad’s birthday. It’s also the day I receive a rose from him in honor of Josiah Day. It all started five years ago when he had a red rose delivered to my home; it represented the love God has for me and my dreams. The next… Continue reading Shamed, But Unashamed

Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

Risking My Reputation

I stood in the baby section of Walmart today in celebration of Josiah Day (see links below) and while my original plan was to grab a package of diapers, maybe even some wipes (trying to play it safe), I accidentally went one aisle too far and found myself in the baby shoes/socks aisle. Sigh.  There… Continue reading Risking My Reputation