Devotions with Brittney

How Have You Grown?

There are certain areas of ministry I’ve known I was called to. God has gifted us all in certain ways for His glory and advancement of the Kingdom.

When I left my church of over a decade, much of my ministry work was stripped away from me. Years I spent building, working, serving, all handed off to someone else or just shut down. My pride roared at this. My identity was shaken. It was placed in the wrong thing.

Years ago, Jesus put certain desires in my heart, but it wasn’t time to “go” yet. I tried, pushed, and fought my way without waiting on the Lord, and not only did I wound others in the process, but I deeply wounded myself and was wounded by others.

I questioned everything and worried I could not trust hearing the Holy Spirit – a very scary worry as Jesus says His followers know His voice and hear Him.

Fast forward years (5+) later, and I’m recognizing Jesus didn’t want me to “go” at the tables I was fighting space for. Jesus didn’t want me to “go” with the knowledge/lack of knowledge I held.

Jesus didn’t want me to “go” forward in ministry without stretching, conviction, and the proper foundation – all for my good, my protection, and truly His glory.

I’m now being invited to spaces, overwhelmed by God’s goodness, and seeing His hand over it all. Not only do I feel better equipped, but I also have a new dependency on the Holy Spirit and know I can trust His voice. Not only have I walked more with the Lord, but He has strengthened me and my character as well.

Ministry has felt a lot like infertility for me. God has put these desires in my heart, but He has been building my integrity, character, foundation, and grit while in the waiting period.

After 9.5 years of TTC, I can already look back and see the ways God has grown me, my marriage, my provisions and circumstances, and my heart. I will be a better mother because of the work He has done in my heart this last decade. I will be a better mother because of the waiting.

Waiting is hard, confusing, and can be so frustrating. Every time I’m on the “other side” of a waiting season, hindsight allows me to see the goodness in the delay. It stirs my faith for the other areas of waiting in my life, knowing that God is developing and working, every good thing planned in His timing, exactly as I truly want it.

I never want anything for me out of the season of God’s timing and grace. I trust Him, His faithfulness, and His character. The Lord is trustworthy to wait on.

Lamentations 3:25
“The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.”

Let’s Discuss:

How long have you been TTC? In what ways have you changed and grown in the process?

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