Devotions with Brittney

When You Don’t Feel Like Worshiping

John 12:1-8 shows us a beautiful picture of giving it all to Jesus. While the stress of infertility can cause us to hoard our resources, service, and love, the Bible consistently shows us that no matter our circumstances, we can worship God with everything we have.

Everything we currently have and will have is because it has been given and gifted to us by God for His glory.

In this week’s passage, Jesus, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and the disciples are gathered for a feast, and Mary brings out her perfume and anoints and washes Jesus’ feet with this perfume and her hair. Judas is upset by this as the perfume is incredibly expensive (some scholars believe it would have been a year’s worth of wages!).

Mary had an opportunity to wash her Savior’s feet and literally gave her all to worship Him.

This story challenges my personal bubble and convicts me. Sometimes, I don’t feel like being a blessing. Sometimes, I don’t feel like worshipping Jesus. Inherently, I do, down to my core, yet there are times that the enemy lies and tries to sneak it and steal my worship.

The enemy can’t steal what you don’t give him.

When I fix my eyes on my circumstances and not on my God, I allow infertility to rob me of my worship and joy. But when I fix my eyes on Jesus, who He is, and what He has done, it stirs faith and hope in my spirit.

When I worship Jesus with my all, even when I don’t feel like it, I experience the sacrifice of praise. Praise and worship this side of heaven can feel heavy and sacrificial in our grief, but if we choose to stay there and not surrender it all, worshipping the God who is the Holiest of Holies, we miss out on the miracle of hope He is today.

My challenge for you today is finding one act of worship you can put in your day that is outside your usual and something you don’t even feel like doing. This can look like:

•Reading the Word
•Singing worship music to Him
•Blessing others
•Sacrificially giving of your time/resources

Let’s Discuss:

How can you worship God today that is different than your normal routine?

For me, I want to grow in my prayer life and am personally challenging myself to create more time and space praying scripture to God + listen instead of only asking for my needs/desires.

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