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His Faithful Love Endures Forever

His faithful love endures forever.

Do you believe that God’s faithful love endures forever? Intellectually, we may know these things, but have you allowed the truth to settle into your heart?

If God is faithful, and if God is love, and if God’s love is faithful (and He IS), what does that change about your current circumstance?

We don’t have a Father who sits in heaven kicking his feet back, watching us squander and squirrel away our hope. He doesn’t watch us on television like we’re a guilty pleasure reality TV show, wondering what our next wonky move will be or what drama will happen next. God is not an editor or producer of a story manipulating a plot twist or act break up to devastate the audience and have them clinging for more.

God is the God of gods. The Lord of Lords. God created the heavens and waters and lights, moon and stars and sky. God intricately made each and every human, tree, animal, rock, snowflake, and grain of sand.

God divided the Red Sea. He led Israel through and hurled Pharaoh. He led his people in the wilderness, struck down great kings, and built up His remnant. God remembers us in our humiliation, He rescues us from our foes, and He provides for every creature.

Read about God’s great love, care, and provision in Psalm 136. And don’t skip over every line that reads, “His faithful love endures forever.” In fact, I challenge you to read that part out loud every time. Soak it in – God’s faithful love endures forever.

If God creates and provides and cares for and loves His children so deeply, what more does He have waiting for you? You’re not dead, God’s not done, He has MORE. He is still on the throne, He is still the King of kings, the God of gods, and the Lord of lords. No circumstance, struggle, hardship, or sin can conquer His love for you.

So, my friend, rest. Rest in the knowledge of His love and grace and goodness for you. You don’t have to work for it; bask in it and let His faithful love that endures forever transform your heart and renew your mind. God is intimately involved in all the details of your life, actively working in areas we invite Him in (and spaces we don’t even know He is at work). Get excited for what’s to come. Find joy in the anticipation. Let your hopes be lifted up high in Him, who holds the universe in His hands.

For Discussion:

Tell us about a time you have seen God’s love on display!

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