Devotions with Brittney

God Is Our Strength

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

We cry and pray and struggle and worship.

We succeed in laying it all down at the feet of Jesus, only to allow our flesh to swoop in and snatch it back from the cross.

Hope can be a rollercoaster – in one moment, we’ve placed our hope in Jesus’ safe hands where they belong, the next, we allow worry and doubt to creep in our hearts.

On our own, we fail. On our own, we lose sight. On our own, we lose hope.

But God is the strength for our hearts, which means it doesn’t depend on us. If the Word says God IS something, that doesn’t mean He is only strong when we are strong and get it all perfectly right. It’s not a who-has-the-best-muscles-competition with the Lord. Praise God, it’s not about our ability and capacity, but His!

In our weakness, in our flesh, in our humanity – God is our strength.

If you’re struggling, feeling weak and hopeless, and frustrated today, take a second and acknowledge His mighty power. God is your strength and portion forever.

For discussion:

When have you experienced the Lord being your strength?

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  1. Great to meet you Brittany! I’m glad and encouraged by your words today. Keeping our focus on His power and knowing that He has great plans for each of us – oh, to trust Him more! May you be blessed as you share all He places on your heart ❤️

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