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When God’s Plans Do Not Make Sense

When God's Plans Do Not Make Sense

Eight months ago she sat in my living room and with tears filling her eyes and falling down her cheeks, she said, “I just want it to be me…I just don’t know why God has asked me to wait. I don’t know why He has called me to not pursue further treatments.” And with those tears and those words, I instantly felt the pain in her heart because I understand her struggle. I felt the unfairness. And I too questioned God and His plans for my life.

Because like my friend, I look around at others who have given birth to miracle babies through the process of advanced medical treatments such as In vitro fertilization (IVF) and I silently whisper, “I just want it to be me…” And why can’t it be me? Why has God called me to not pursue them? Why has he drafted me a battle plan that looks drastically different from the world’s plan, my doctor’s plan, and the plan of others facing similar odds and circumstances?

It just doesn’t make sense.

Yet I have come to realize that there are times in life when the battle plan we have been given to obtain the victory we want, won’t make sense. It will look foolish. This was true for the Israelites and the battle they fought for Jericho.

A six-foot wide wall that stood 50 feet high and six-feet thick encircled the ancient city. Humanly speaking, the mud brick wall appeared to be a fortress unable to overcome. A city impossible to conquer. Yet God had promised them victory. But friends? His battle plan seemed a bit silly. A bit senseless. And down right confusing.

Your entire army is to march around the city once a day for six days.  On the seventh day you are to march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets… (Joshua 6:3-4)

As I sit here reading this story today, I wonder what Joshua and his men thought about in regards to these odd instructions. Every soldier in camp must have wondered why. Why not shoot large flaming arrows over the walls? Or better yet, scale the walls at night and attack them with their weaponry when the enemy would least expect it?  Because doesn’t that more sense? I think it does. But obviously God and I do not have the same thoughts. Because instead He told the mighty warriors who were ready for battle to put away their swords and silently circle the city.

Can you imagine? It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? And sweet friend, that is what you might be thinking in regards to the battle plan you have been given. Because maybe God has been asking you to do some strange things in your fight against infertility. Perhaps like me, you have prayed for a child but He has asked you to take a break or stop pursuing medical treatments. Or could it be that He has led you down the path of medical assistance, yet as the months roll by, nothing seems to be working. Nothing seems to be changing. Nothing seems to make any sense. And it can be frustrating because you want a new plan. A plan that doesn’t involve marching around the same impossible wall. A plan that doesn’t leave you confused. Frustrated. Or feeling ridiculous as you chase after a dream month after month.

But sweet friend, no matter how confused, frustrated, or ridiculous you might feel, don’t give up now.  Keep pressing on! Continue to stay obedient to the plan He has given you. Continue to circle the promise He has spoken. Continue to pursue the desire He has birthed in your heart.God has never lost a battle and I guarantee He won’t start now.

In fact, my friend that I mentioned at the beginning of this article? The one who was upset because she felt God calling her to not seek treatments and wait? She got the shock of her life just four months later when she discovered that she was pregnant naturally. It wasn’t always easy for her to follow God’s plan, but as it turned out, it had the greatest reward.

With Love

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9 thoughts on “When God’s Plans Do Not Make Sense”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I so feel this way today. Every time I think I understand why something has happened, that something gets taken away and I’m left more confused than ever.

    1. I am totally with ya girl! I just try to go through my day focused on the outcome (God promises to work all things for our good) and not my present circumstance or present moment. Sometimes just changing that perspective can make all the difference in my day. Praying for you! xo

  2. Yes!! The walls WILL come down. What a beautiful scripture to share. I love her story and praise God that she got pregnant! We might not understand, but he sure knows what he is doing 🙂

  3. This is exactly where I’m at. I see so many of my friends becoming pregnant left and right either naturally or through the help of IVF. And yet, I have no desire or leading from the Spirit to march my hiney over to the fertility clinic right now. I’m feeling called to wait month by month to see what will happen. And I am constantly praying that the Lord obviously guide me which way He wants me and my husband to go.

    Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes when I see what’s happening with everyone else, I feel like I’m not “trying” hard enough to obtain my heart’s biggest desire. But lately, I’ve been feeling mostly peaceful about not seeing tons of doctors right now.

    1. Belinda, I totally understand and get every word your typed out. I am right there with you! I always remind myself that waiting in God’s economy is not being passive. Waiting on God is active in His eyes. We are seeking Him and His will and being led by the spirit. So don’t listen to the enemy’s lies that you are doing nothing. Because if you are following God, then you are doing everything there is to do. No need to add to it. Xoxo

  4. I can’t even tell you how right it is that I read this today. I am at a frustrating point in the infertility journey and just two days ago I was telling my mom that I know God is in charge here, so I can’t help but think, “God! What are You doing?!” Thank you for yet another reminder that God’s ways are above our ways and that I just need to have some trust for now.

    1. Totally get your thoughts and feelings, Alicia! You are not alone! God is good at being God and sometimes I have to stop and just let my soul soak in that truth sometimes.

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