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It’s a Hillbilly Hootenanny Family Christmas Par-tay

YEE-HAW!  Howdy ho frendz! – welcum to my dino-mite hillbilly hootenanny Christmas party that is…errr…almost a year late posting. But better late than never, rite? For a little back story, let me explain the “why” behind this crazy shindig.

1st of all, I LOVE to throh me a goodin’ par-ty and three yearz ago win I b-gan hosting da annuil Christmas gathrin 4 my dad’s side of da fameily, I decided 2 ditch da same ol’ “come as u normally dress, bring ur normal side dish, and sit around and jus talk” idea. Bcuz how boring iz that?  Instead, each year I hve a differint theme and every1 must com dressed 4 da theme. And bcuz my fameily lovz a good competitan, there (or iz it their?) r always a lot of laughz 2 b had frum their (or iz it there?) crazi attire. Bcuz not only du they want da priz 4 whoo were it best, but also braging rightz 4 da ress of da year.  So without furda ado, I prezent 2 u (a yeer late) pikturs frum our wild and crazi hillbilly hootenanny famiely Christmas par-tay that waz filld wit gamez, food, and fun!    (Disclaimer:  I do know how to spell.)

The 2014 Hillbilly Hootenanny Christmas Par-tay Attenderz R…

Dan and ElishaNathan and SheilaGollaher FamilyJonathan, Laura, and AxelUncle David and Aunt MarciaAaron, Tabitha, Hank and Eliza

A par-tay iz juss not a par-tay without food, gamz and decoretinz!

You might be a hillbillyflowers

DrinksDezzertsYou might be a hillbillyClotheslineforks, nives, sponsMissing PetOr Derves 2Diet Coke WindchimesAaron Building Tower 2Dan Building Tower

Every1 needz a Hillbilly Sirvival Kit, emma rite?

Party FavorHillbilly Bubble BathHillbilly Toothpick

Hillbilly Brief CaseHillbilly Backscratcher

And da winerz r…Jonathan the Winner2nd PlaceHillbilly Door Bell WinnerNow 4 da crazee, fun filld pikters my hillbilly Mommer tok…

Dan and Uncle DavidAnna and BenPigs FeetLaura and Jonathan

I hope u njoyed r 2014 Hillbilly Hootenanny Family Christmas Par-tay! Cuz we sur done did! And don’t furget 2 com bak now u heer!  Cuz this yeer we going 2 b havin a Christmas Luau!     

Christmas Luau Invitations

For further entertainment, you can also check out our 2013 themed Christmas party, “Christmas with the Stars” in which we all stressed up as our favorite Christmas movie character.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed with the creativity everyone put into their outfit.  So check it out by clicking here!

Christmas with the Stars

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    1. I already told the theme at the bottom of this one 🙂 hehe! The party hasn’t happened yet, so I promise to be quicker with posting this years picture 🙂

  1. Ok so this is extra hilarious to me because I totally watch NASCAR and Dale Jr. Is my favorite driver!! Haha ox

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