Your Church Sign Said What?

your church sign 3

Do you ever feel like you sometimes just need a break from everything related to making a baby, wanting a baby, and thinking about a baby?  I’m feeling that way today and I’m not particularly in the mood to think infertile thoughts.  Therefore on this Monday morning, instead of poking fun and making jabs at all the crazy things we do in an effort to create a tiny human being, I’m switching gears a bit and laughing at the church.  Well, not exactly the church, but rather their signs.

Some church signs are boring with only the days and times of services, while others inspire and give you encouragement as they fill their marquee with hope-filled scriptures and quotes.  But then there are the signs that make you break your neck, do a U-turn and laugh like a hyena all while wondering if the guy who is in charge of changing the sign was going to get fired.  So without further ado, here are my favorite church signs that had me laughing, shaking my head and saying, “Your church sign said what?”

Pastor Is on Vacation

Sits in own Pew

Do not criticize your wifes judgement

Phrophecy Class Canceled

Try One of Our Sermons

Stole Ac Unit 2

Drop it like it's hot

Try a Missionary Position

how do we make holy water

Knock Knock

Come hear our preacher

Jesus Said Bring me that Ass

Flippen Church of God

Little Hope Baptist Church

They asked me to change the sign

Let the Church Help

God Created Sex

Thank you for reading this edition of “Laughing Your Way through Infertility” and if you need some additional humor or missed the last post, “25 Signs You Are Trying to Conceive (Part Two) ,” then you can find it by clicking here.

As always, I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to find time to laugh and enjoy the journey while you are on the path to reaching your destination. 


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40 thoughts on “Your Church Sign Said What?

  1. The God’s Favorite word sign had me laughing out loud!!

    I live in Texas where there’s a church on every corner. I’m often highly entertained by the messages I receive from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I imagine two middle aged-older ladies coming up with the wording… high-fiving one another while they think they are connecting with the young of the community…

    I plan on being the same way!! 😉


    • I am always on the hunt for some new ones 🙂 No one wants to always see the same one’s right? I will be back to my infertility funnies next week. I think I have a good one 🙂


  2. Cody just told me that his dad’s favourite church sign read: “Come hang out with Jesus. He hung out for you!” I have to wonder what these church sign creators/changers are thinking sometimes!!

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