Twas the Night before Josiah Day

For the past six days I have been staring at one of these each morning…

flashy face

And so nearly every night for the past six nights, I have been doing this…

legs and socks

and then afterwards this…

(Gotta help the swimmers swim upstream right?)

legs up

Never have I been so ready to see this…

two smiles spotlight

That’s right!  Today I finally got it!

Two different tests.  Two different urine samples.  Two same, great smiles!

Praise God I only have one more night of this…

before and after collage

 And I’m sure my Mommer’s face now looks a lot like this…


And my husband is probably saying something like this…

I can't believe you

 Twas the Night Before Josiah Day!


90 thoughts on “Twas the Night before Josiah Day

  1. I am new to this blog and I have to say thank you for making me laugh so much….who knew there was a bunch of awesome women out there going through the same thing and could add humor to this…love it!


  2. Bwahaha! Oh, how I can relate. I had to tell my best friend recently “I am so sick of sex! There, I said it!” Seriously. We had the same thing this cycle… 6 days of TTC time and “let me lay here just so to help the swimmers get up there.” My goodness. But now I’m 6 dpo so let the countdown begin!

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  3. Good luck!!! But I would do it for the next 2 nights, not just one. Last month when I got my smiley, it was the next night that I’m 99% sure I ovulated, and think that’s when we created our BFP. March on, soldiers!!! 😀

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  4. I don’t know what’s more hilarious- your post or the replies to all the comments 😛 ha ha. You’ve been in my prayers…we’ll all be with you in the two week wait I think 😛 xx


  5. Yay for smiley faces!!!! I think we can all relate to these photos! haha Thank you so much for the beautiful card Elisha!! You have to be the sweetest lady ever!!! HUGS!!


  6. Wouldn’t that just be something … if you actually CONCEIVED Josiah ON the 17th…. the TRUE beginning of his life???

    My doctor could tell (over 4 years ago with my daughter) what ovarie and what day I ovulated and conceived.


  7. Cheering you on girl. I am so happy that you have been seeing a lot of dancing smiley faces all I can say is Praise God. He is healing and performing a miracle in your life. Remember in his perfect timing.


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