Couple Welcomes Baby After 13 Miscarriages in 15 Years

I was first introduced to this testimony below when a special friend of mine posted it on my ‘waiting for baby bird’ Facebook page and ever since first reading it, I have felt a strong and nagging need to share it with all of you here.  I hope and pray that this family’s story not only encourages those who have been suffering with recurrent pregnancy loss, but also those who have experienced repeated failures, to never give up, never lose hope and never stop believing that your past doesn’t determine your future.

Hope is being able to see the light

After enduring the heartache of 13 miscarriages in 15 years, Ayshia Zaman and her husband Haider had all but given up hope that they would ever have a child of their own.  That is why their baby boy Awais, who was born in July weighing a very healthy six pounds, is a miracle.

Having suffered so many devastating disappointments, Ayshia says that she “took a two-year rest gap and then plucked up courage for the 14th time.”  Though she had no problem getting pregnant in the past, she lost each baby when she was 6 to 12 weeks along as a result of a condition doctors later discovered was causing blood clots to occur.  Fortunately, her most recent pregnancy was carefully monitored by the medical team at a recurrent miscarriage clinic in the UK, who were able to administer a drug and steroid treatment that freed blood flow around the womb and allowed the 33-year-old to finally carry her baby to term.

There are no words to express the feelings going through my mind.  It was a dream come true.  ~Ayshia

Ayshia admits she spent the entire pregnancy braced for bad news, saying, “It was one of the hardest nine months of my life, as it was always in the back of my mind the thought of what if it went wrong again?  And if it did I would feel like a failure.  Every scan appointment was daunting.” 

This time though, her story had a different ending.  Fifteen years after she and her husband first decided to start a family, their son is finally here and the brand new mom couldn’t be happier as she says, “Words cannot explain how I felt when I had our baby.  It has still not sunk in that I have a baby.  I would say to anyone in similar circumstances to never give up hope and that dreams do come true.” 

What an amazing and inspiring story.  I honestly cannot imagine having to endure so many losses and so much pain and still having the courage, faith and perseverance to try again, yet she did.  I give all the honor and glory to God for this precious baby and I encourage anyone reading this testimony to never give up hope because the moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. ~Hebrews 10:23

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46 thoughts on “Couple Welcomes Baby After 13 Miscarriages in 15 Years

    • Take several “helpings” of it girlie! I know you have been through soooo stinkin much the last several weeks and I’m always praying for you.

      “He will fear no bad news, his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalm 112:7



  1. Such an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it hon. I can’t even imagine it. 5 losses were enough for me. I wonder if I could have held on through another 8. What an incredible story of faith and hope!


    • Can relate to you, dear. I think we all have different breaking points — and some times, the desire to have that baby just keeps pushing that point further. But yes, we can draw much hope from them…

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  2. Reading this story has confused me (all over again). Just having had my fourth loss – longest pregnancy of 10-weeks ended when baby’s heart stopped beating – I was at a point where I knew this was it. There’s only so much one can put their body through, after all. I cannot put myself through that again, no way! We’d begun looking at other ways to grow our family (read, adoption) when along came this story…and now I am CONFUSED!!! 😐

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    • First of all, I am sooooo sorry for your recent loss. I just had no idea. With that being said, I was soooo close ot NOT posting this story today and posting a completley different blog all together but something inside of me didn’t feel right…something (the Holy Spirit) kept saying it was time TODAY to post it. Maybe He wanted you to read it? Maybe He wanted you to not give up just yet? Maybe He wants you to keep giving the devil throat punches and persevering in the promises of God? Maybe He wants you to seek adoption but also not give up on your dream to have your own? I’m not sure but I know that if you ask God for His wisdom and what He wants you to draw from this testimony, then He will gladly and freely give it to you. Hugs girlie! xo

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  3. Every time I start to get excited about getting pregnant- When I take medicine and my medicine works- I always brace myself for failure. It’s the same way when I think about having an IUI. In my mind I’m like this will work- but then doubt creeps in and it tells me that I will just waste my money and it will fail! This really encouraged me!


    • GenerationHannah, I learned something from a friend who went through a bout with cancer a few years ago. When she had her first chemo treatment, she came home and put a wastebasket close to her side of the bed–preparing for the nausea the doctor warned her about (even though she had prayed that she would not experience any nausea). God spoke to her, saying, “Do not prepare for me to fail.”
      I encourage you to not “brace yourself for failure” anymore. Instead of giving in to doubt, banish it by speaking God’s promises and having a confident expectation that God will come through! 🙂

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      • Thank you Evangeline! When we first started (5 years ago) I was so excited- I thought medicine would fix ever thing. Then slowly my excitment disappeared after The first 5 rejections. You are so right! I’m going to pray that God gives the doctors wisdom and steady hands and be condient that he will work out all the kinds in every aspect of my life. Even the people that give me treatment!

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  4. She is quite the trooper, and must have really relied on the Lord, 13 losses? Ouch 😦 I am amazed at those who can endure so gracefully! What a great story and encouragement for those who are tenacious! Perfect picture of sweet redemption!

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  5. amazing!! a friend of mine has a similar story…15 years married, IF struggles the whole marriage, adopted two children three years ago… two years later, they got pregnant with twins!! They are now 3 months old! Love stories like this! thank you!

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    • oh wowzas! I love that story!!! She should write up a testimony for your blog! More people need to hear about that so that hope can arise. I know I got chills just reading your few sentences.


  6. How awesome! What a scary journey it must have been after so many miscarriages, but how great that she will finally get to hold one of her blessings.


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