Defeating PCOS

Having children was this woman’s dream, but her dream was squelched by an all too familiar and devastating medical diagnosis of PCOS.  September is PCOS awareness month and today, I wanted to bring awareness to the truth that God isn’t hindered or limited by a person’s diagnosis of PCOS.   I encourage you to watch this short testimony of how this woman experienced a happy and healthy pregnancy despite the odds and repeated failures of fertility treatments.

According to Romans 2:11, God does not show favoritism.  Therefore, no matter what condition you have causing your infertility, God can and will do for you what He did for her. 

The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity–in the fruit of your womb… (Deut. 28:11)


27 thoughts on “Defeating PCOS

    • I don’t work so I was lucky enough to not have to “call in sick” on those days either. Thankfully, I haven’t had to peal the covers away for a long time. But man, those days were awful!


      • Yes and peeling the covers away… I so remember. I use to be upset the sun was out. Yes I wanted rainy days, it just went with my mood. It also meant very low possibility of me seeing strollers out and little boys playing in the park.

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    • Thanks for the reblog! I find this testimony so powerful and helpful to me as I have been diagnosed with severe PCOS. God is not hindered or limited by our diagnosis and I’m so thankful for that 🙂

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  1. This video is so inspiring to me. Even though I don’t have PCOS, my infertility has been somewhat “unexplained” so much of her story rings true to me.


    • So glad it helped you sugars. Sometimes I get nervous posting testimonies because for some it can feel like salt in the wound….but for me, they offer hope and remind me that God is still working 😉


    • I totally agree! I received two emails this week of testimonies (recent ones of ladies that follow my blog but don’t have a blog) and I was just blown away! I will post them soon 🙂


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