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It’s Picture Day!

Laughing Your Way through Infertility:  It’s Picture Day!

Let’s face it, picture day is a big deal.  They forever capture a moment in time of school-age awkwardness.  These are the stuff legends are made of and soon your Instagram and Facebook newsfeed will be flooded with your friends showing off their children’s cute annual school photo.  You will see each picture and sigh (maybe even roll your eyes in jealousy) as you look forward to the day when you can hopefully brush your kiddo’s hair just so, dress them to the nines and beg them to smile beautifully for the camera.  However, until that day arrives, let’s laugh out our sorrows and jealousy woes by looking at a few school pictures that didn’t go as planned, shall we?

I’ll start off with my own, but let me just say that my very first school picture was absolutely adorable.  Just look at that puppy dog turtle neck and pink suspenders.  CUTE!

Elisha Kindergarten

After that, each picture turned into nothing but sheer horror and blackmail material for my brother.  Can you believe the picture below was a retake?  My hair looks like a peeled onion!  The first one I took weeks earlier was worse if that is even possible.

Elisha 4th grade

But enough about me!  Let’s move on to some real dandy’s!

First Grade in the Front


bad eyebrows

I’ve come to realize after viewing the following school pictures, I won’t always be around to control and make sure everything goes smooth and perfect in their lives…

girl picking nose

Boy sticking out tongue

mad girl

Maybe I could volunteer on picture day and lend out a hairbrush or two…

crazy hair

bad hair

 It looks as though I will be putting my foot down when it comes to bringing props.  YIKES! 

the doll




It appears an outfit can either make or break a school photo…

Dance Queen

crazy outfit

Boy takes off shoe

They say every picture tells a story but I’m not sure what story these pictures are telling… 

laying on mirror

big eyes



It’s obvious.  School pictures capture it all and I can’t help but look forward to one day embarrassing my future baby birds with their awkward phases and astounding fashion sense.  But until I am able to plaster their pictures all over social media,  I will just have to settle on embarrassing my parents with their ah-may-zing school photos.

Sheila 3rd grade

Nice pig tails Mommers!  At least they are even on both sides.

Nathan 8th grade

Awesome bow tie Daddyo!

Thank you for reading this edition of “Laughing Your Way through Infertility” and if you need some additional humor or missed the last post, “Labor Day for Men”, then you can find it and many others by clicking here.   As always, I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to find time to laugh and enjoy the journey while you are on the path to reaching your destination.



35 thoughts on “It’s Picture Day!”

  1. Your school pictures are adorable! I’d be way too embarrassed to share mine. Can you say “BAD PERM?” Only I didn’t get just one…I had many. LOL!! Those pictures had me in stitches. I mean, really? WHAT were they thinking? Thanks for making me laugh on a Monday morning!! LOVE YOU

    1. I’m glad they gave you a good laugh today! My favorite is the kid who took off his shoes to show off his socks. What the heck? And the guy without his shirt on?! LOL!

  2. Too funny!! Thank you for finding my blog, BTW. I was reading through some of your blogs last night, I just got too tired to comment on anything. I’m happy to be following along your journey now 🙂

  3. Who needs brushes? I’ll tell you a secret. One of my proudest eighth grade moments was when my best friend was acknowledged as one of the highest haired girls in school. Yes, it looked like the second teased one.

    And I would bet you real money that my brothers, now 17 and 22, would be hugely embarrassed by their school picture collection plastered on my fridge. 🙂

      1. I couldn’t stop looking at his socks! Looked like they had jack o lanterns on em. Maybe it was October. Maybe????

  4. Thanks for the laughs! I knew your post would be good from the get go. I love how you try and bring the humor into situations for all of us that seem so dismal and hopeless. Keep it up…it is so much appreciated!

    1. So glad to hear! I know that for me, if I don’t sometimes laugh (at least a little bit) while on this journey, I will surely cry all the time. I hope you have a great week!

    1. This one was fo’sho’ fun finding pictures for on Google! I spent waaaay more time than necessary finding some good ones to add. LOL! Supper, laundry, and dishes were all put on hold! LOL!

  5. oh dear there are some absolute SHOCKERS in there…yours are perfect in comparison!!! I feel sorry for my future kids…i have a feeling my hubby will deliberately make their childhood photos traumatic in someone haha!

    1. I found so many “shockers” on the internet that I was certain I would probably run across someone’s picture that I knew. LOL! We all have “those” pictures. hehe

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