Labor Day for Men


Hey there lovelies!  Happy Labor Day!  I can’t believe it is that time again.  The time in which white clothes are now out, sales are in, and people attend one last backyard barbecue or pool party as they say sayonara to Summer and hello to hoodies, bonfires, hayrides, and of course…all things pumpkin spice!

cousin eddie

However while this is one important holiday to ring in the season of fall, there is a second “Labor Day.” And that is the all important day when a pregnant woman rings in a new season of life.  It’s the day in which she experiences excruciating pain for hours upon hours as she grunts, sweats profusely, swallows ice chips, and screams at the top of her lungs, all while pushing a teeny, tiny human out of her lady parts.  Sounds like a party, right?

woman in laborAnd so in honor of those women and because today is “Labor Day”, I would like to dedicate this week’s edition of the Comic Section to them.  However hear me out!  I know that due to my inability to conceive at this point in my life, I know NOTHING about giving birth. And so I understand there is probably nothing ‘funny‘ about someone experiencing such intense painthat is unless of course you are watching two men experience it while their wives look on with laughter.

But how is this even possible you might ask?  Well, with the help of a very friendly doctor with a great sense of humor and some high-tech contraction-stimulating devices, two (brave) men were able to feel what women in labor experience from start to finish.  And the video footage?  Is nothing short but hilarious!

two men labor

I absolutely love how at the beginning of the video both men walk confidently into the hospital and you hear one of them announcing to the camera, “Did you know that according to women, child-birth is the worst kind of pain there is?  While the other adds, “But did you also know that according to men, women exaggerate everything?”  Because little did this confident duo know that their words of arrogance would eventually come back to haunt them.  Because by the end of the video?  They were singing a different tune as they were quoted as announcing their wives (and mothers) are officially “superheros.”  Ahhhh…how sweet, right?

second man in labor

While I feel for these men (and cringe at the thought of one day giving birth), but possibly have a weird sense of humor, I couldn’t help but find myself rewinding the video time and time again to laugh at their reactions as labor got progressively worse and they covered their faces and kicked their legs in agony while letting out wailing screams.  At one point, one of the men yelled at his wife to “STOP SMILING” and I almost spit out my sweet tea.  I also couldn’t stop laughing when the other wife tried taking pictures of her husband as he was in a contraction and he firmly told her to stop.  (note to self:  Do not take pictures of a friend or family member in the midst of a contraction.)

So without further ado, I say roll that beautiful “Labor Day” footage and click play on the video below.I   guarantee you will not only be slapping your knee and laughing like a hyena by the end of the video, but also questioning if your husband is strong enough to handle such a “Labor Day.”

Thank you for reading this weeks edition of The Comic Section and if you need some additional humor or missed last week’s post, “I Must Be Pregnant Because…”, then you can find it by clicking here. As always, I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to find time to laugh and enjoy the journey while you are on the path to reaching your destination.

Pssst…Do you think your husband could handle labor? 

Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear your opinions!

Have a great day

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28 thoughts on “Labor Day for Men

  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! So funny, and they only went through that for an hour! The average length of early labor for a first time mom is 6-12 hours! I’m not sure if my husband could handle labor or not, but he’s a do what you got to do type, so I’m sure he’d grit his teeth through it. Labor scares him and he’s delivered more babies than he can count! Ha Ha Ha.

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    • I think we should get all of our husbands together and put this simulator on them 🙂 The material I could gather for my next Monday Funnies would be amazing! hehe!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, this is awesome. My husband could not do this and he would be the first to tell you. He’s screaming and basically in tears if he has to tweeze between his eyebrows! (At my request, of course). 😉

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  3. No way could my husband do it- he acts like he’s on his death bed when he has a cold, lol.

    Truthfully, I wish I’d experienced labor. I had an emergency C-section at 25 weeks. (Oy, a C-section has its own crappy parts.) But at the same time, I’m kind of glad I didn’t have to deal with painful contractions and pushing my daughter out, PLUS healing from birth. Big props to women who’ve had tough labors! And a big LOL to the video. 🙂

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