Waiting for Baby Bird

One Cycle Closer

I am cramping, bloated, nauseous, fatigued and having a serious--you better get me one now-- craving for hot dogs. I am also making frequent trips to the ladies room, my breasts are beyond tender (which rarely happens) and I haven't been able to stop crying ever since I saw the Snuggle commercial this morning (that… Continue reading One Cycle Closer

Josiah Day

He Is a Champion

Throw the confetti, blow up the party balloons, put on your party hat, blow on your noise maker and dance a jig because today is the 17th!  It’s “JOSIAH DAY!”  If you are new to following this blog then give me back your party hat and quit blowing spit into your noise maker because you… Continue reading He Is a Champion

The Comic Section

It’s Picture Day!

Laughing Your Way through Infertility:  It's Picture Day! Let's face it, picture day is a big deal.  They forever capture a moment in time of school-age awkwardness.  These are the stuff legends are made of and soon your Instagram and Facebook newsfeed will be flooded with your friends showing off their children's cute annual school… Continue reading It’s Picture Day!