Laughing Your Way Through Infertility: Spoonful of Sugar

Laughing Your Way Through Infertility:  A Spoonful of Sugar

Just a spoon full of sugar

When the weight of your journey seems too much to bear and the negative reports and constant bad news becomes too difficult to swallow, it’s important to find a way to cope–a way to release tension. Sometimes that might be having a good ol’ fashion crying session on the bathroom floor or a fist pound into your pillow. Other times it might be eating a pint gallon of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or shoving your face full of french fries that you know will ruin your fertility diet. But another way to release tension and not make you gain weight is to laugh. Laughter has the ability to not only reduce your stress level and blood pressure, but also burn a few calories, kill a couple extra minutes at work and help you shift your focus in order to give your worrisome mind a break. It’s about taking a spoonful of sugar, a dose of laughter; in order to help the medicine, which can the troubles in life, go down easier. So without further ado, here is a spoonful of sugar in this week’s installment of “Laughing Your Way Through Infertility.”

hay gurl

When you wake up from a nap

walls were bear


don't bother hiding your underweargoing to the gym

Stork Hiding babies

Does it take 18 months

Instagram is down

This is me

I sneak under the fencewhere to buy supplies

find a spider

iphone convo

Ask Husband to do the dishes

50 percent off



As always, I hope you have a great week and don’t forget to find time to laugh and enjoy the journey while you are on the path to reaching your destination. 

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32 thoughts on “Laughing Your Way Through Infertility: Spoonful of Sugar

  1. Thanks I really needed this! I loved the 10 months for twins, the IDK,LY,TTYL, and the husband going to poop when you ask to do the dishes (it explains it all!!!). xx


    • my husband is notorious for doing this! But I’m kind enough to wait until he is done before I continue 🙂 I don’t want him to miss a thang! lol!

      I also liked the one about hiding our panties from the ob/gyn. I am guilty of this. bahaha


  2. HAHAHAAH these are funny! I laughed the hardest on the gyno one.. HAHAHA for im pretty sure we all do that and thats so funny to think.. ya why?

    The hay gurl monkey reminded me of you!!

    and then the last clip of the person working out I found extremely funny for the girl working out beside him paid ZERO attention to what he was doing. Id for sure be laughing pretty good if someone beside me started doing that!


  3. For sure the hiding your underwear at the gyno’s or currently the RE’s office. I totally do this! lol Thanks for the laughs. oxox


  4. Lol That was great!!! Thanks for posting. Did you read my blog back when I was doing the silly sundays, funny fridays etc? Because you are free to dig those up and steal pictures from them if you want. 🙂


  5. I laughed out loud at the lady’s beige neck pillow in the airport. That’s just too funny! And I do hide my underwear at the gyno’s office too. LMBO…I never thought about the fact that she’s seeing WAY more than my underwear. Ha ha!! I will still probably hide them anyways. 🙂


  6. Thanks for the giggles! I had soooo many hard days when we were trying to conceive. I should have tried to laugh more and cry less. It’s so much nicer! 😉


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