Will You Rejoice With Those Who Have Children?

When you are struggling to conceive for months or even years, hearing the good news of someone else getting pregnant can be difficult to swallow. You put on a fake smile and tell them “Congratulations”, but it stings. Their amazing news, the news you wish was yours can cause bitterness. It can cause fear. It can cause you to stomp around the house screaming, “Why her and not me?!” It can destruct relationships by creating a wedge between you and the other person. But, what if God asked you to rejoice with those who had children?  Would you be able to do it?

Andrew Yeo and his wife struggled with infertility for nearly four years and even as a Christian, it was hard for Andrew to rejoice for others; but one day, God asked him a simple question…“Will you rejoice with those who have children.”

I encourage you to either watch the YouTube video or read his testimony below to see how making the choice to rejoice with others who had children changed his heart and his life. 

Both my wife and I love kids. She serves in Sunday School while I just love to pinch the cheeks of fat babies. When we were dating, I told her that I want to have six children.  We got married October 1, 2012 and started trying for a baby in the first year, but nothing happened.

In the second year, it was still the same, nothing happened and in the third year, I thought both of us should go for a medical checkup. We went and were referred to five different specialists. Our tests were not good, in fact, they were very bad. We were told that the chances of us having a child were getting smaller and smaller. It went from 3 percent to 2 percent and then down to 1 percent.

My world came crashing down when my doctor told me that it was impossible for me to have my own children. He even suggested that my wife and I should consider adoption. I was devastated and went into depression. I did not want to tell my wife about the bad news. How could I tell her we can’t have our own children?

Every month when my wife found out that she was not expecting, we would be in tears and very discouraged. Every Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, I would drag myself to church, put on a fake smile in front of everyone and when the Pastor’s asked the fathers to stand for prayer, I would be asking God, “When will it my turn?  Would I ever be a dad”

On the fourth year of our marriage, God asked me a question. He asked, “would you rejoice with those who have children?” I said to Him that it is very hard, but being a good Christian, I would try. God would begin to place tests in my life and every time I logged on to my Facebook, there would be people announcing they were expecting a baby. Some would even post pictures of their ultrasound scans and others would post the photos of their beautiful babies. To some, they may look cute and nice, but to me, it was torture to look at them.

Also, when I went to different churches to minister, couples would come to me after the service and ask that I pray with them because they were trying for a child. I would say to them, “Oh, I am trying for one too!”  So, I would pray with them and a month or so later, I would receive a phone call saying, “Pastor, we are expecting!”  and I would wonder, “Okay…Thanks…Did I just pray my baby away?”

It was so tough to rejoice with them. 

But my heart started to change when I prayed and asked Jesus to help me change my attitude. I decided to make a choice and I started to rejoice with everyone who had children. And guess what?! I even “liked” every single Facebook status that mentioned babies. Even those I did not know, I still pressed “Like”. My heart was transformed and I’ve learned to rejoice with others.

My friends, God is a good Father who loves to give His children good gifts. In December 2012, my wife and I found out that we were expecting! The feeling was incredible!  We were so happy and when we went for our first scan, we heard not just one heartbeat, but two! As a worship leader, the sound of two heartbeats was the most beautiful rhythm I had ever heard in my life! When the doctor says that it is impossible for me to have children, Jesus says“…But with God all things are possible!” ~Matthew 19:26

God blessed me and my wife with a pair of beautiful twins. A boy and a girl! When God gives, He gives in abundance! 



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52 thoughts on “Will You Rejoice With Those Who Have Children?

    • Your welcome 🙂 I really loved his testimony and I debated whether to post it or not because every time I post a testimony of someone else I lose followers. I have lost three more since I published this one :/


      • It actually sparked a great conversation between my husband and I about the power of God tonight and our recent decision to take a leap of faith. My advice about blogging is that sometimes it’s hard to hear and it’s easier to unfollow. I truly believe that you shouldn’t hesitate to post a testimony… yes, you may lose followers, but it’s only because they listened to it first. It might make an impact that you just don’t know. Hugs.


      • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I don’t know why I let it get to me so bad sometimes. I don’t always notice but today I saw my blog follower count and then noticed it again a little after I posted the testimony. I remembered that the last time I posted a testimony the same thing happened. It’s kinda discouraging :/ Thanks for taking the time to encourage and support me. It means a lot 🙂 hugs!


  1. I LOVED this testimony and wanted to share it but I am so glad you did!!!! Such a sweet story and just loved how the Lord changed his heart – just so so so beautiful! I know He is writing all of our stories just as beautiful


  2. This is a cool testimony–of course, there are plenty of good Christians who are never blessed with biological children. But it’s a nice story. One in which God’s plan just so happened to be the answer to these folks’ prayers. XO


    • You are so right girlie but I can’t look to the negative experiences of others. It will only bring me down and steal my hope. I can only focus on my faith and the written word of God. I don’t know why other Christians don’t get their miracle baby but I know it isn’t because Gods word failed so I continue to hold on to that hope and the truth that Romans 2:11 says he does not show favoritism. I also hold on to the truth that by His stripes I am healed. Isaiah 53:5.


      • So true! But he does lavish in giving gifts and children are amazing gifts. So I am having faith for that. Our faith is the hand that reaches up and takes from God. I want to keep reaching as high as I can go. It’s not about us being worthy, it’s all about Jesus and His worthiness and what He has provided for us on the cross. That’s what I love about my relationship with him. It’s not about me or what I can do or not do, but about what He has already done. Takes all the pressure off. All I need to do is simply believe and not doubt. It’s hard but Gods promises are all I have in this crazy world and my messy circumstances.


      • His testimony also reminded me of your current experience – you’re obeying God by not pursuing fertility treatment, and others are following your example and becoming pregnant right away, just like he was praying for others with fertility problems and God answered his prayers for them and not for himself. Been thinking about waiting lately because we are running the Pentecost service at church this weekend – why did the disciples have to wait for the Holy Spirit? What does waiting acheive in our lives? One picture we are using is of bread with yeast, and the waiting time as it rises. The connection with Pentecost is that yeast was used in the bread, as opposed to Passover, where the bread had to be unleavened.


      • I know I thought the same thing the whole time I watched his video. Everyone around him getting pregnant was just like me…he used the word abundance, which was also the same word God gave me at the beginning of 2014…I was in awe of the similarities. Here’s to hoping I get twins 😉 hehehehe


  3. This is something I really need to work on. I like how he “liked” all things related to others pregnancy and that helped transform his life. Fake it till you make it, just start being happy, even if you don’t want to, and eventually Jesus will transform your heart!! Great for me to hear today, Thanks for posting!


    • You are so right that when we step out in faith and obey His commands to rejoice when other rejoice, that He will change our hearts and minds. Sometimes we need to change our actions before we see a change in our attitudes. xo


  4. I absolutely love your blog, your story, and God’s work in your life. It blesses me more than I can convey. It will be such a blessing to Josiah when he is old enough to read. I love that you have posted this testimony. I think it is a ploy of the enemy to try and discourage you into stopping posting testimonies. WE OVERCOME satan by the Blood of the LAMB and by the word of OUR testimony! Soooo of course satan hates testimonies. Not sure why people would un-follow but I KNOW that it blesses more people than it bothers. So KEEP up the GOD given GOOD work. I want to tell you more about how Jesus has blessed me through you. But I think I will email you. I haven’t “followed” your blog but I read EVERY DAY. I will click the necessary buttons to officially follow today 🙂 Well I prayed for you this morning. I love you and your sweet baby Josiah.


    • Oh girlie your words have blessed me more than you know! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to “follow” me. I can’t wait to read your email 🙂


  5. This for sure gives me another way to look at things. Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel like I do a pretty decent job of being genuinly happy for those expecting but every so often that devil sneaks in on my good thoughts and puts negative ones there. I will continue to fight though!


    • the devil does a good job of coming out of no where and be sneaking about it. Praying for you sugars! Believe and trust that He is writing your happy story as we speak 🙂


  6. I don’t really have a problem telling people congratulations but I never really feel happy about it in my mind, so I kind of feel like I’m faking it almost and then I feel guilty for not feeling happy. I liked the idea about praying for God to help you rejoice with those who rejoice. After reading this post yesterday, I decided to ask God to help me do just that 🙂 Thanks for sharing Elisha, you are always so positive and encouraging. Keep up the good work, sister, you are shining a light (even if people stop following you – God will use your words and story!)


    • Awe thank you Amber. You are so sweet and I’m so thankful I have been able to “meet” you get to know you 🙂 I was once told recently that through obedience to God, blessings flow. I believe that He has commanded us to rejoice with others and when we do so, even if trying, He will bless us for it. I used to have a really hard time in this area (about other blessings people received) but then one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “If you can’t be happy for their blessings, then why should you get the same blessings?” ouch. From that moment on I started praying and working on that flaw of mine 😉


  7. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful testimony and helps me during this season of waiting. Hopefully and prayfully our season is changing soon!


  8. I love his testimony! Long ago, I changed my prayer from “please let this work” to “please grant me the strength to trust in your plan for me”. Candidly, I haven’t quite gotten to the place of liking every baby pic on FB but hey I’m a work in progress. 😉


    • Hehehe! Sometimes I start to refuse to press the “like” button but go back and do it anyway. I feel like when I do, I give the devil a throat punch 🙂 lol!


  9. Andrew’s testimony says he married in October 2012 and by his 4th year of marriage, God asked him that pivotal question but then he says they found out they were expecting in December 2012. Are those dates right?

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