Happy 3oth Birthday to the Hubs!

Daniel and momThirty years ago today, my small framed and petite mother-in-law endured hours of labor to birth a healthy and beautiful TEN pound baby boy. YIKES!  She didn’t realize it at the time, but not only was she given the gift of this sweet, smart, and handsome young man who would bring her smiles, laughter, and joy; but she was also giving me the gift of an amazing man to call my husband.  For that I will be forever grateful to her. (In the past, I have even sent her a thank you card. hehe)

I know he isn’t one to make a big deal out of his birthday, but it is by far my favorite event to celebrate because without this special day, I wouldn’t have him.

He is a down to earth guy who doesn’t need to be in the spotlight and that’s one of the reason’s I love him; but I couldn’t have a blog and NOT dedicate at least one post to his birthday.  Not to mention, it is an opportunity for me to remind him how much joy he adds to my life.  He does so much to make me feel loved, safe and cared for and while he may not do it with a lot of fanfare, he does it faithfully day after day, and with so much excitement and love.  He knows which house chores I dislike and does them for me without complaining.  He is also aware that I have a slight addiction to McDonald’s diet coke and will bring me one when I’m having a rough day.  I am luckier than most women because I never go a second without feeling his love or have thoughts that he wouldn’t do anything in his power to make me the happiest woman alive.  His love for the Lord is contagious and I am excited that my future baby birds will have such a wonderful man to call their daddy.

Daniel, I want you to know that the world gained someone special thirty years ago today and I’m so happy and thankful that I get to experience your awesomeness each and every day. I love you!

Happy Birthday Sugars!

PSST!  What did I get him for his birthday?  Well, I tried to get him a special gift that included ten fingers, ten toes, beautiful blue eyes, dark hair, and a pudgy nose, but apparently it is on “back order” for the third year in a row…sigh.  Maybe next year.  Until then, he will have to settle for a new boat engine.  SURPRISE!  Daniel if you are reading this, you get a boat engine!  WHOO HOO!  🙂

riding horses

dan dear

And because I love you so much…I found your BEST pictures to share with the world 🙂  I love you!

Daniel monkey face2013-12-21_22-55-38_51oh my dearDaniel thug lifefunny duck facecousin eddy

32 thoughts on “Happy 3oth Birthday to the Hubs!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know I’d be getting my own special post. I loved every word! Made me a little teary eyed. BTW: You are an awesome wife! I love you and everything you have brought into my life. Thanks!

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  2. Aww, this was so sweet! Here’s to hoping that little baby bird is just going to be a little late for his birthday present. I thought of you the other week when I was in Cracker Barrel having lunch. After lunch I was shopping around and saw this cute little decoration that said bless our nest with birds and I thought about you and God’s promise to you for Josiah. That same day, I read your blog post about friends that were praying for you and heard God say “soon”. And then recently on your Facebook page, I saw that you posted the same decoration from Cracker Barrel that I looked at when shopping that someone had sent to you! God is so good, and I really can’t wait to hear your big baby news, which I definitely believe is coming soon. I think I’ll jump for joy when you make the announcement!


  3. Happy birthday to your sweet and handsome hubby! May God continue to bless him for the rest of his life. You and I are totally the same my hubby doesn’t generally make a big deal out of his birthday. But I love celebrating birthdays!


  4. What a sweet post, Elisha! Happy Birthday to you, Daniel, and may God bless you with many, many more! And by next year, at this time, may you and your sweet wife be holding that precious baby bird named Josiah!! Wouldn’t that be the sweetest gift?? Nothing is impossible with God. I think of you so often, and I pray for you earnestly that God will please bless you with this answered prayer!! By faith in His amazing power, I know it is coming soon!!! 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday to Papa Bird! You are the most precious peach of a wife Elisha! Josiah is so blessed already to have such wonderful parents who love each other and Jesus! 🙂


  6. Happy birthday to your hubby!!! Thank you so much for the book Elisha!! That was so sweet and thoughtful of you!! I can’t wait to start reading it 🙂 OXOX


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