Our Life was a Mess

In my post “Writings on the wall”, I mentioned that everyone has a story and we shouldn’t be ashamed, fearful, or worried to share it with others because the person you share it with, could be the person God wants to use to help you in your situation or speak encouragement during a time of need.  Not to mention, your story could be the key to unlock the prison that someone else is shackled in.

Since writing that post, I have received an email from someone who wanted me to share her “story” in hope that it might encourage someone else who is dealing with the same struggles or similar issues.  She faced divorce as her anxiety attacks worsened and her husband was charged with a DUI.  Her situation looked hopeless…

Here is her story…

In 2012, my life was turned upside down. My marriage was on the rocks, we were arguing and talking of divorce, and I started having horrible anxiety attacks to the point where I was terrified to leave the house.  Not to mention, that same year, my husband was arrested and charged with a DUI.  His DUI was a huge wake up call for us. Our life was a mess. 

 Not ready to give up on him, myself or our marriage, I turned to God and put my hope and faith in His ability to restore our lives and marriage.  As a result, God began working through us and with His help we were able to turn our lives around.  I thank God every day for turning our sour lemons of anxiety, talks of divorce and alcohol addiction into sweet lemonade.  It wasn’t easy and a lot of doors closed during that time, but we knew that God would help us tackle anything else that came our way and He did.  We now attend church together on a regular basis, I no longer have anxiety attacks (If I start to feel one coming, I immediately stop and pray), and my husband has been sober for almost 16 months.  Praise God that He turns our bitter into sweet. 

Tell-Your-StoryDid this story inspire you to keep pressing on?  Did it encourage you to keep believing that God will turn your mess into something good?  Maybe you have your own story to share?  Email me at 10hopeingod@gmail.com and let me help share it for you.  You never know whose life you could touch, how much encouragement you could receive, or how much MORE glory God could get by letting more people know.  Don’t be afraid of where you are or how far you have come.  Even if you are still in the “midst” of your story, your encouraging words to persevere could make the difference to someone who is thinking of giving up. Be bold and courageous!  Share your story today.

8 thoughts on “Our Life was a Mess

  1. Beautiful story! We were talking in my Women’s Group today that God can turn our dust into something beautiful! And that each of our stories are unique and when we share them we can lift or inspire someone! Love this it followed right along with the message of our group today!


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