It’s a Sunny Day!

Almost three years ago, the hubs and I traveled to Texas to visit his brother, wife, and two kiddos.  Our niece who was probably four at the time, would wake up each morning, look out of the window, and say with such excitement and enthusiasm, “It’s a sunny day!”  Ever since then, whenever the hubs and I wake up and see the sun shining outside, one of us will most likely say, “It’s a sunny day!”  However, this phrase isn’t spoken too much around here in the cold and dreary winter months of Southern Illinois, but last week, I opened up my email to find I had been nominated by my fellow blogging friends not once, but twice for the “Sunshine Award” and then nominated for the “Shine On Award”.  WHOO HOO! YIPPEE SKIPPEEE more MAJOR awardsRoll out the red carpet please!  Do you need an autograph?  Want me to stand here or over there?  Hand on my hip or to the side?  All joking aside, I was super thrilled and honored these three lovely ladies thought of me!  It seriously blows me away that anyone other than my gorgeous mom (whom I would post a picture of her ‘hot tamale self’ but she would kill me…oh who cares…I gotta show her off! See the end of this post.) would even want to read my ramblings. So thank you Lisa and Chris’s Journey, Night Owl Kitchen, and You Must Believe there are Miracles.  

Before moving forward on the red carpet and accepting these awards, I decided to research the meanings of them just like I did for my last MAJOR award.  However, I came up with nada, nothing, zilch in terms of origin and how awesome of a trophy I had won.  But nevertheless, I am still able to exclaim from my office, “Dan!  It’s a sunny day!”

Get out of jail free cardIn an attempt to keep from bogging you down with more random facts of this “Momma to a baby bird wannabe”, I am putting both awards into one post and the nominees at the end of this post will be awarded both the “Sunshine Award” and “Shine On Award”.  Can you say BOGO?  Two for the price of one!  In addition, I have taken my favorite questions from all three ladies and made my own set of questions.  I am not sure if this breaks the blogging award rules, but I don’t think there is a “blogging police task force” that will hunt me down and arrest me.  If there is, someone please tell me so that I can dig out my Monopoly game and find the “Get out of jail, free” card 😉  hehe.

So here it goes, my walk on the red carpet and acceptance speech…err…answers…

1. What is your favorite scripture and/or quote?

0124141630Due to the fact that in my post “It’s a Major Award” I shared my favorite Bible verse, I thought it was appropriate to share my favorite quote.  Just like my favorite verse, my favorite quote also changes from week to week and month to month.  Currently my favorite quote is “God doesn’t give us what we can handle, He helps us handle what we have been given.”  I hear so many times the quote (accompanied with a pat on my shoulder), God won’t give you more than you can handle” and it was starting to make me bitter at God for GIVING me so many hardships.  Why did He give me PCOS?  What loving father would give their child something like this?  Was God as loving as my childhood Sunday School teacher drilled into my head?  Instead of growing bitter at God because I KNEW that would get me any where, I dug deep into His Word.  I learned that He doesn’t GIVE you sickness.  He doesn’t GIVE you diseases.  He doesn’t GIVE you heartache.  He doesn’t GIVE you infertility.  All of those things are results from Eve eating the fruit and thus living in a fallen world.  God can ONLY give GOOD and PERFECT gifts (James 1:17). He can’t be good and bad.  Mark 3:24 says, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”  God doesn’t give evil, just like the devil doesn’t give good.  So while He isn’t the one GIVING you sickness, disease, heartache, infertility, and other trials, He is the one helping you through them.  It may not be painless and it may not be quick, but He will help you through it.  (Not to mention, some of the problems I go through, are from my own stupid mistakes. hehe)

 2. What’s the best gift you have ever been given?

This was a toughie…but after HOURS of thinking (yes, I pondered on this off and on for hours), I decided the candle sticks that my daddyo made for me at Christmas time several years ago is by far my favorite gift.  They were a total surprise and I’m the only one he says he has made them for.  Therefore, if you are reading this blog post and are thinking, “That’s funny, he gave me the same candle sticks!”, then I advise you to just keep that lil secret of yours under lock and key 😉


3. If you could have been a child prodigy, what would you have wanted to be skilled at? 

Oh this is easy for me! I would have been a PIANOIST child prodigy.  I have never played the piano (unless Mary Had a Little Lamb counts?), but have always wanted too, and when I sit down to play my symphony of Mary had a Little Lamb…I imagine myself looking and sounding like this…

4.  When others find their way to your blog, what, if anything, would you most want them to get out of their reading/viewing experience? 

I just want to point them to Jesus.  That’s it.  I want them look to Him and experience what true HOPE is through Him and have faith to know that with Him, all things are possible.  We don’t need to jump through crazy hoops to live an abundant life because He has already done the hoop jumping for us by dying a shameful death on the Cross.  He is the solution to every want, need and problem.

5.  What is one thing that makes you laugh the hardest? 

My hubby would say it is extremely difficult to get me to “laugh” really hard and he takes pride in himself whenever he can. I believe the only sure-fire way to make me belly laugh, is to hold me down and tickle me.  But then if you do, I will start yelling and throwing punches to get you to stop because I am thirty and for some strange reason, I cannot hold my…well, you know…I sorta, kinda  , maybe a little bit start to get “tears running down my leg”…

6. If you had four wishes, what would you wish? (I had to add an extra wish for all of us making wishes to get pregnant/have a baby)

1.  Everyone I know to be passionate about Jesus

2.  I want to be this size again AND still be able to eat whatever I want


3.  I would love it if someone could come over and wash/fold/put away my laundry.  In addition, make my bed each morning. (some might view this as two wishes)

4.  Maybe have someone cook me yummy and healthy meals each night, but then again if I had wish number    two, I could just order pizza and I would not need a chef. Therefore making the fact that I had two wishes for my third wish totally okay 😉

7.  What are three things you are obsessed with right now (other than getting pregnant and having a baby)?

Definition of obsessed:  preoccupy or fill the mind of someone or something continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

I can honestly say that at this moment, I am not obsessed about anything.  If I was, then it would be an idol.  Yikes!  Not cool!   But because I’m not perfect, check back with me tomorrow as my answer might change 😉

8.   Can you please post five of your wedding photos? I LOVE WEDDINGS!

How about 2 wedding and a few “fun” non wedding?  My wedding pictures are kinda boringish (we got married by ourselves in the US Virgin Islands) and they do not reflect our personalities…

wedding on rock Kiss Face walk like an egyptian funny duck faceJuly FourthSwimming in the LakeFunny faces at Christmas

9.  What is the craziest thing you have tried while trying to conceive?

I haven’t tried too many crazy things, but the most disgusting thing I have done is drink okra water first thing in the morning for weeks.  If you feel you haven’t done enough crazy or gross things in order to produce a “mini me”, then take a glass of water, cut up about three or four “lady fingers” (okra) and place them inside of a glass filled with water.  Next step, cover the glass with Saran wrap overnight.  The following morning, before eating or drinking ANYTHING, scoop out the chunks of okra from your water (yes, that snot consistency you see is normal), take a deep breath, say cheers to yourself and chug.   Oh yum,yum.  Thank me later for how you will simply CRAVE this tasty drink the second your eyes pop open each morning (insert sarcasm).

10.  What have you learned most about yourself during your trying to conceive journey?

I have learned that I am FEARLESS, RELENTLESS, and an OVERCOMER.

Thank you once again to the ladies behind the blogs of Lisa and Chris’s Journey, Night Owl Kitchen, and You Must Believe there are Miracles for putting a smile on my face and allowing me to scream out, “It’s a SUNNY day!”  In an effort to do the same to a few other amazing women around the world, I have nominated the following people who make me wanna shout, “It’s a SUNNY day!” when I see a new post appear in my email from them.  Without further ado, here are my nominations for the “Sunshine Award” and “Shine On Award” nominees…da da da da DA!  Drum roll please…

  1.  A Hundred Affections
  2. Simple Moments Stick
  3. Memoirs of a Mommy
  4. Is it time yet?
  5. Life.Love.Jesus
  6. My Silver Lining
  7. Something Beautiful
  8. Amber Under Construction
  9. Head Above the Waves
  10. God’s Time God’s Plan
  11. In Quest for Baby Moongee
  12. Just Stop Trying and It Will Happen
  13. Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby
  14. Wishing Wales
  15. A Calm Persistence


The rules (or whatever you want to do because I have a funny little feeling the “original” rules have changed a bagillion and one times) is as follows…

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in your post and provide a link back to that person’s blog
  2. Provide 11 (or however many you want…if you think 5 is enough, go with that.  If you come up with 105, know that we probably won’t read all of them) RANDOM facts about yourself
  3. Nominate up to 10ish bloggers that make you wanna scream “It’s a Sunny Day!” when you read their blogsshine on

I understand to some, the awards may seem a “bit silly” or “redundant”, but I enjoy reading everyone’s answers.  I believe we are more than just “infertile” and I would love to get to know the other wonderful and amazing parts to your life…the random things that make you, YOU!  (not to mention, it will draw other readers to your blog site.)

Isn’t my mom gorgeous?!?

me and mommers

31 thoughts on “It’s a Sunny Day!

  1. How much fun!! I love your quote and verse and mostly the explanation that follows. It’s something I often times struggle with- the way you explained it was perfect. I hope you don’t mind but I copied it and printed it to put into my Bible!


  2. Oh my gosh– OKRA WATER!??! How have I never heard of this one??! What on earth was it supposed to DO?! I want to throw up thinking about that. WOW. Thanks for the nomination!! 🙂


    • it is suppose to lower your blood sugar 🙂 With PCOS my blood sugar is high and will mess up reproductive hormones. I have no idea if it helped…it did ‘help’ me go to the bathroom…


  3. Okra water?? I’m thinking eewww! haha Congrats on your nomination and that is too sweet of you to nominate little ol me!! 🙂 I am having to post everything from my phone at the moment because my computer and blogger are not cooperating so as soon as I get that fixed I will do a post on this 🙂


    • I can’t wait to read your random facts 🙂 Yes, okra water…it helps reduce blood sugar which is a problemo for PCOS suffers…it was NASTY! I can’t believe I did it for as long as I did.


  4. Congrats on your major awards 🙂

    Isn’t it funny how things that kids say will stick with you in your vocabulary? Bean said “Thankum” instead of “thank you” for at least a year and we still find ourselves saying it even though she can say both words clearly now. How sweet that she would be so excited about something so simple- although IL weather sounds a lot OH weather; sun is a major reason to celebrate around here!


  5. Loved this, Elisha!! You seem like so much fun! I wish I know you in person!! lol Thanks for the nomination!!! I will get on it! Loved reading this. Huge encouragement, as always! 🙂 xxoxo


  6. Elisha, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I have been reading all about you and you are truly inspirational, the way you are taking this in your stride gives me my confidence back to rely on God and not get down about it. Thanks


  7. It’s a good one for sure! Love all ur funnies in all of them! And love the pics in this one, it reminds me of me n my fam haha


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