It’s a Major Award!

It's a Major AwardOn Thursday I woke up and discovered Finley from In It For Love nominated me for the Liebster Award. I am new to the blogging world and my first thought was…”It’s a Major Award!”  and I even said it like Mr. Parker off “A Christmas Story”.  I can’t believe anyone would even want to read my ramblings, let alone nominate me for anything.  So thank you Finley for making my Thursday!  It was very sweet of you!

Before “accepting” this MAJOR award in regards to following the “rules” of answering Finley’s questions, along with nominating other bloggers for this award, I had to do some research to see if it was worth writing my “acceptance” speech or if I should just go about my daily programming.

Most veterns in the the blogging world know the “ins and outs” of this award, but for the newbies such as myself, I will go ahead and post what I discovered.

  • “Liebster” is of German origin and means dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, valued, endearing, and sweetheart.  Awwee! Right?
  • There are several “variations” of rules, but is basically reserved for bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • There are no judges, no special rules to follow.
  • There is not a website with an official team to congratulate you and hold your hand (bumsickle!).
  • It’s mostly what you want it to be. If you receive the award, you can 1) accept it and pass it along or 2.) Ignore it and go about your day. It’s that easy

Receiving awards such as this can be misconstrued, depending upon your personal views, as either something wonderful (who doesn’t like awards?) or as an annoyance (a chain letter that involves work).  I personally find it WONDERFUL.  I love awards of any form 🙂  Therefore, even after my research of discovering it’s nothing MAJOR, it’s still major to me.  So I choose to accept my award and here is my “acceptance” speech…err…answers to the questions.

Here are the questions Finley asked me….

1. If you could choose to live anywhere in the world where would it be?

This is easy to answer! I would live right here in this small, southern Illinois town of 5,000 people.  I love my town even though the food choices of McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Subway are getting a bit redundant.  Nevertheless, I love being surrounded by my parents, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and friends from high school.

2. What is your favorite meal that you could eat any time of the day at any time?

My first thought was pizza…but then for some strange reason my mind diverted to a bologna sandwich, American cheese, lots of mayo, and a lil squirt of mustard, topped off with Taco Doritos smashed in between two pieces of soft, white bread.  Random?  Possibly.  When I used to work as a school counselor, I would often take this for my lunch, but I found myself eating it by 9:30am  :/

3. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Pee…then brush teeth…then coffee…

 4. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive – who would it be?

Is this a trick question?  Jesus.  Enough said.

5. How did you pick the name of your blog?

I chose the name “waiting for baby bird” because that’s exactly what I am doing…I am waiting for our baby bird to fill our empty nest.  Not to mention the fact that I love birds and all things related to birds.  You could say that when out shopping, I have an antenna for finding anything (coffee mugs, picture frames, knick knacks, shirts, scarves, pictures, cards…) with a bird on it. I LOVE BIRDS!

6. Describe yourself in 3 words

Honest, Encouraging, and Organized.

7. What’s your favorite TV show?

I rarely, if ever, watch TV.  We don’t even purchase cable because we never watched it; but I LOVE the Cosby Show and could watch reruns all day long!  I hope to be as funny of a parent as Mr. Cosby and as smart as a mom as Mrs. Huxtable.

8. What is your must eat/drink item when heading to the movies (if any!)?

Due to my short attention span while watching movies, we rarely go to the Movie theatre but if we do, I bring my own Sweedish Fish (they never have them) and I purchase a bag of “pop pop” (Popcorn), and a Diet Coke.  I hear of people bringing in their own “popped” pop corn and coke but I can’t seem to do that.

9. Handbags or shoes?


My boots…

What do you think?!  SHOES!!  I have a bagillion boots, two dozen sandals, about a dozen flats, and four pairs of “running shoes” (yet I don’t run.  If you see me running, you better run too because that means a vicious dog or an ax murderer is chasing me.)

10. What’s your favorite dessert?

I am not a dessert kind of gal…I’m more of a “pass me the rolls” and “I’ll take an extra helpin’ of Mac and Cheese, please.”

11. And because I loved it so much from The Artsy Cajuns questions – “What is your current favorite verse in the Bible”

Wow!  This is a toughie…it seems as I go through different stages of my journey in life, I have different Bible verses that I claim as my “favorite”.  Right now, today, my favorite Bible verse is Matthew 19:26 which says, “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  The doctors have basically told me that it’s impossible for me to conceive children naturally, but this verse reminds me daily that with God ALL things are possible, and when I put my hope and faith in HIM, He can and will do what is impossible for me.  Tomorrow, my favorite Bible verse may change 🙂

That’s all the questions Finley had for me.  Now it’s your turn…

The following Nominee’s are…. (drum roll please) you won!

  1. Elaina at The Weavers
  2. Kasey at Stupid Broken Eggs
  3. Caroline at In Due Time
  4. Charity at The Word of a Nerd
  5. Jessah at Dreaming of Dimples
  6. Morgan at Live.Love.Jesus
  7. Emily at Eat.Love.Procreate
  8. Head Above the Waves
  9. Logan at With Great Expectations
  10. It is Well with My Soul
  11. Amy at Wishing Wales
  12. Sibyl at Looking for a Break in the Clouds
  13. The Unexpected Trip
  14. Susannah at Simple Moments Stick
  15. YOU if your name/blog is not mentioned 🙂  

I know I nominated a lot, but I just couldn’t stop…I really wanted to nominate everyone that I follow because you are all a source of encouragement for me, but I felt that would be “a bit much”.  I know many of you have probably already been nominated for such a “MAJOR” award and feel free to not want to answer the questions below…but I would love it if you would.  I would love to get to know each of you a lil bit better 🙂

I like to imagine therefore, I need you to “Imaginiff…”

1.  Imaginiff you were a section in the newspaper.  Which would you be and why?

  • Editorial
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Crossword Puzzle

2.  Imaginiff you were a high school class.  Which would you be and why?

  • Biology
  • Detention
  • Gym
  • Political Science
  • Creative Writing

3.  Imaginff you were one of Snow White’s dwarfs.  Which would you be and why?

  • Bashful
  • Dopey
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Sleepy

4.  Imaginiff you were in high school.  Which would you be voted for and why?

  • Most Athletic
  • Class President
  • Homecoming Queen
  • Funniest
  • Most School Spirit

5.  Imaginiff you were a hot dog condiment.  Which would you be and why?

  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Diced Onions
  • Relish
  • Jalapenos

6.  Imaginiff you were a snack food.  Which would you be and why?

  • Snickers
  • Potato Chips
  • Skittles
  • Jell-o Pudding
  • Slim Jim
  • Twizzlers

7.  Imaginiff you were a weather forecast.  Which would you be and why?

  • Hot and humid
  • Tornado warning
  • Light drizzle and fog
  • High Pressure
  • Sunny and mild
  • Cold front

8.  Imaginiff you were a dessert.  Which would you be and why?

  • Angel Food Cake
  • Fruitcake
  • Banana Split
  • Devil’s Food Cake
  • Lemon Cake

9.  Imaginiff you were a film genre.  Which would you be and why?

  • Action
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Animated
  • Horror
  • Foreign
  • Teen comedy

10.  Imaginiff you were a Loony Tune.  Which one would you be and why?

  • Elmer Fudd
  • Daffy Duck
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Wile E. Coyote
  • Road Runner
  • Porky Pig

11.  Imaginiff you were a Winnie-the-Pooh character.  Which would you be and why?

  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Piglet
  • Rabbit
  • Tigger
  • Eeyore
  • Owl

Whew!  That’s a lot of questions!  If you have been nominated (see list above) AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, here are your instructions:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.

3. Answer the “Imaginiff” questions that I gave you.

4. Nominate as many blogs that you feel deserve the award.

5. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer.

6. List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here)

Once you have accepted your MAJOR award by writing and publishing your “acceptance” speech, you then should inform the people/blogs that you have nominated them for the Liebster Award.  Also, you might want to provide a link for them back to this post or your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)


Liebster Award

21 thoughts on “It’s a Major Award!

  1. Thank you for nominating me. And the questions you chose to ask are SO creative! (: I’m super excited to answer them.I haven’t been nominated for anything since, oh… third grade???


    • Thank you! I get sorta obsessive about birds. lol! I told my husband a couple of months ago that our house doesn’t reflect my love for birds…he glanced up at me and asked if we were living in the same house. LOL!!! I am still laughing at his comment. Apparently the couple of bird decorations I have up are enough 😉


  2. Loved learning more about you…and thank you for nominating me. You’re too sweet. I actually did a Liebster award post already but love that you thought of me. XOXO


    • oh you are welcome! I had no idea who had been nominated but as you know…there are no “rules”. If you get bored and want to answer the questions, feel free 🙂


    • i totally wanted to put a million and one quotes from that movie into my blog post but i was afraid not many people would even be able to say it correctly! lol!! I’m soooo glad you get it!!! Best. Movie. Ever.


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