Thanks for the reminder Mr. Coca Cola Director

I had never intended to sit down and write a post today, but as I was surfing around on Facebook trying to avoid the grueling task of going to Wal-Mart for my annual Christmas party that I am hosting on Saturday for my Dad’s side of the family (which I am super excited about),  I decided to watch the new Coca Cola ad everyone is posting.  But little did I know the emotional roller coaster it would take me on.  I think there should have been a warning label for those trying to conceive.  Yikes!

This ad made me smile and cry all at the same time.  I cried because I want to experience stepping on Legos while walking down the hallway.  I want to wake up in the middle of the night and feed a screaming, hungry baby boy.  I want to have my house a wreck, Cheerios on the floor, and my drink spilled all over the place.

I cried because the lyrics of the song say, “You don’t know what it’s like…” and they are right, I don’t.   I don’t know what it’s like, but there is one thing I do know and that is because of my hope in God and the price Jesus paid on the cross for my healing of PCOS, I will some day know

I will some day know what it’s like to have a positive pregnancy test that turns into actually bringing home a baby. I will some day know what it’s like to deal with the screams, stains, and sleepless nights.  I will some day know what it’s like to deal with all the chaos that is actually pure joy and happiness…and because I know this…I can also smile with tears in my eyes while I watch this commercial ad.

Thanks for the reminder Mr. Coca Cola Director of what I do know.

18 thoughts on “Thanks for the reminder Mr. Coca Cola Director

  1. Oh Elisha I love this post. Yes we might not know the those little things but we do know God has a wonderful plan for us and our future babies. We have hope because we have him. Thanks for making me cry as if I wasn’t hormonal enough already!


  2. This is beautiful!!! I makes me tear up after I found out today that I’m not pregnant yet. Granted, this is the first month we’re trying so it’s not surprising I’m not pregnant yet… You’re in my prayers!


    • you are not pregnant YET! You will be 🙂 Keep that hope and belief in God! I’m saying prayers for you that God’s blessings will rain down on you so much that you are just soaking wet in His goodness! xoxoxo


    • I know right?!?! But just remember that God always turns our tears of sadness into such joy and gladness!! Just wait and soon you will be holding that bundle of joy and crying with such happy tears!


    • i know right?!? I am thinking that when I get prego and have my baby I will make a similar commercial for fun 🙂 (my cousin makes films/videos) so it will be fun 🙂


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