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Hello everyone!

My name is April and I am from North Carolina. I want to share my testimony in order to help encourage others who might need encouraged. I have been married for eight years and was trying to conceive for seven of those years.  Throughout all of those years, doctors couldn’t tell me why I couldn’t conceive.  I have always had irregular cycles since I was 13 years old, but could never understand why.  When I was 15 years old, my pediatrician told my mom that I would never have children, and if I did, I would have difficulty.  (Always remember there is life and death in the power of your tongue).  So not only was I fighting against the curse, I was fighting against the confusion in my head as to why I couldn’t have a baby.

I felt horrible, sad, less of a woman and felt like I had let my husband down.  I would celebrate everyone else’s pregnancy outwardly, but inwardly I would cry and ask God, “What about me?”  My husband and I had so much love to give and we wanted to have a baby so we could share that love.  I felt like I was being punished.  We would receive prophesy after prophesy, but still no baby.  I was over the prophesies…lol.  But then I found Nerida Walker online and started reading through her website and book, “God’s Plan for Pregnancy”.  We took scriptures from her site and posted them in our bathroom.

One of the scriptures was Exodus 23:25-26 which states, “Worship the Lord your God, and his blessings will be on your food and water.  I will take sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land.  I will give you a full life span.”

Every morning, we would meditate and read out loud faithfully God’s Promises and we would declare healing over my body. In October 2011, we went to a conception specialist and the doctor diagnosed me with PCOS.  The doctor also diagnosed my husband with low sperm count.  The doctor stated this the PCOS and low sperm count were the reasons we couldn’t conceive.  The doctor offered ways to conceive and procedures we could get done.  After receiving all of that information, my husband and I decided that we were just going to rest and wait on God.  We put our faith in God’s healing and continued to read out loud, in faith, scriptures daily.

On Christmas Eve 2011, I was feeling very weird and decided to take a test, and low and behold it was POSITIVE! My husband and I now have a beautiful baby girl named Lydia who just turned one!  I pray this testimony will encourage those who believe God for their own family.


This testimony was so encouraging to me!  April was faced with the impossibility of having children of her own, but she didn’t let her doubts, fears, and worries stop her from believing that God was more than able and willing to heal her and make her a happy mother (Psalm 113:9).  She didn’t let the doctor’s reports keep her from continuing to stand on God’s Word and believe that He is faithful, and that He would do the impossible. She had every reason to feel hopeless and give into reasoning that having children naturally may not be “God’s will” for her life based upon her years of infertility and the doctor’s diagnosis, but she didn’t let those thoughts consume her.  Instead, she stayed focused on not letting go of His promises or her confession of faith and she did this by ignoring the devil, and holding tightly on to God’s word and confessing it daily.  As a result, His blessings flowed.   I know that one day I will be able to share a testimony similar to April’s and I can’t wait…but until that time, I know that I can’t focus on or put my faith in what I can see, feel, and hear.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m ignoring you!” to someone else when they didn’t want to listen or run the risk of having their mind changed? April basically told the enemy, “I’m ignoring you!” when she was reminded of the facts of her circumstance. I have to do this because if I don’t, I will find myself giving into reason and allowing the facts of my circumstances to stir up feelings of doubt and unbelief that anything will ever change.  In order to keep seeing my situation through faith, I have to ignore (not deny) the facts.

April ignored all the facts of her circumstance including the unlikelihood that she would conceive naturally.  It is important that when I say she ignored, I don’t mean that she denied what was happening, but rather she refused to focus on the facts or give them more attention than what they deserved.  How often do we go through our day and allow our circumstance of infertility (or whatever it is we are facing) consume our time, energy, and attention?  How often do we allow it to control our thoughts and emotions?  How often do we let it dominate our conversations with others?

To ignore something means you REFUSE to regard something or someone as important or you refuse to pay attention to it.

When we give our facts more attention that what they deserve, it will cause us to entertain thoughts of doubt and unbelief that our situation will ever change. Once those thoughts are entertained, our faith will be destroyed. Jesus even shows us the importance of ignoring the facts of our situation in order to overcome doubt and unbelief and keep the confession of our faith.  In Mark Chapter 5, starting in verse 21, there is a story of a synagogue ruler named Jarius who fell at Jesus’ feet telling Him that his daughter was dying.  He asked that Jesus come with him and lay hands on her so that she may be healed.  Jesus agreed and while on the way to Jarius’ house, a woman with the issue of blood touched His cloak and she was healed immediately.  Jesus stopped to talk to this woman but while he was talking to her, some men came out of Jarius’ house and said to Jarius, “Your daughter is dead.  Why bother the teacher any more?”  Verse 36 then goes on to say, Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

Even Jesus had to ignore the facts of the situation!  Jesus did not give any attention to the news that Jarius’ daughter was dead and He instructed Jarius to also ignore and “just believe”.  Jesus knew that if He or Jarius gave attention or focused on the facts of the situation, then the thoughts and feelings of doubt, fear, worry, and unbelief would take over. Jesus needed Jarius to ignore what he could see with his eyes, hear with his ears, and feel with his emotions, and believe that Jesus was able and willing to do the impossible.

I believe that sometimes, “less is more”.  The more facts you know and the more tests you have done, the more you will reason as to why God’s Word will not work for your situation or be too hard to overcome.

Ignoring our circumstances is hard because the enemy will always bring what we don’t have, can’t have, or wish we did have to our attention constantly; whether it is through another negative pregnancy test, baby dedication at church, friends announcing their pregnancies, or cute baby commercials on TV.  All of this can make us turn our focus off God’s truth that nothing is impossible with Him and spiral down into a pit of “Why me?” or “Why her?” or “This is impossible!”.  We must be like April and make the decision to ignore what we see, hear and feel, and attach ourselves to God’s promises of healing, fruitfulness, and prosperity; and despite whatever happens, never not let go.

April never let go!  She had begun believing God’s promises and trusting Him for a miracle before she ever learned of the severity of her situation (PCOS and low sperm count). Once she learned of the most recent doctor’s report, it would have been easy for her to let go and give into the logical reasoning that it was God’s will for her to not conceive naturally and that God’s Word wouldn’t and couldn’t work to change your circumstances; because after all, she had already been confessing His promises and here sat in front of her evidence that “it’s not working”. But she never gave up on God!  I am sure she had doubts, fears, and worries (who wouldn’t?!) but she didn’t entertain them.  Instead she remained attached and disciplined to keep on taking His word and applying it to her situation just like a person would take medicine every day to get well.

We must be like April and not let the “evidence” from the doctor’s report or the 26+ negative pregnancy test in a row keep us from believing that God’s Word is true, He is faithful in all that He says He will do, and that He can and will do the impossible.  I believe that the key to her receiving her blessing from God was that she didn’t give into her worries and fears by putting her focus on the doctor’s reports, but rather kept her focus on God.

It’s not easy to ignore what we see, feel, or hear but we have to remember that 2 Corinthians 4:18 tells us to not fix our eyes on what is seen, but rather what is unseen.  Make a decision today that you will say, “Devil! I’m ignoring you!”every time he whispers in your ear that you will never have children or he parades evidence of your circumstance in front you.  Believe God’s Word is true and fix your eyes on what you can’t see by visualizing your situation changing.  See yourself rocking your baby.  See your relationship restored.  See yourself healed and restored!  Remember, nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).

Do you remember the teacher’s “womp, womp” in Charlie Brown? Every time I hear the devil try to tell me that I can’t have children, I turn his voice into “womp, womp, womp”. I will also admit that I do this when certain people talk to me about their opinions…politics…complaints…hehe…

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  1. What an incredible testimony! I am anxious and expectant that yours story will be just as amazing! Thank you for being such an encouragement about how we constantly need to be aware of our thoughts and words, and not let fear, worry or jealousy creep in! Praying for you, your husband and baby Josiah! 🙂

    1. thank you so much for your prayers! You are soo sweet and I’ve been praying for you as well. God loves to bless His children and I know He is eager to bless you 🙂 How exciting!

    1. It inspired me to continue to not go by what I see, think, feel, hear, etc. and instead always look to my faith for everything. I was hoping it would do the same for others. I’m glad you thought it was inspiring too 🙂

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