The Journey

Christmas with the Stars

Lights! Camera! Action! How do you take your mind off the fact another year has gone by and there isn't a baby bird on the front of your Christmas card or snuggling up in your arms while looking at the glow of Christmas lights?  You throw a Kearns' Whobalation of course! I love Christmas.  I… Continue reading Christmas with the Stars

The Journey

I’m Not the Only Crazy One

Crazy.  That's what I am sure most people who read "Our Infertility Story" or scroll through my blog posts think.  It's hard to fathom God actually speaking to a person and promising them a child...but not just a child...but a child with a specific name and meaning.  I don't blame people for thinking, "This girl… Continue reading I’m Not the Only Crazy One

Waiting for Baby Bird

Acts of Faith: Buying Josiah Christmas Gifts

Sadly enough, another Christmas is going by and I don't have baby bird in my arms or in my belly, but what I do have is him living inside my heart. I talk to him every day. I tell him all the fun activities, crafts, and trips we will take when he gets here, and… Continue reading Acts of Faith: Buying Josiah Christmas Gifts