Soul Food

Please and Thank You

In high-school, I had a P.E. teacher that would always ask a student to do something but would end the request with "please and thank you." For example, she would say, "Go bring me the bag of volleyball's. Please and thank you." I always found it odd that she would say "thank you" before the… Continue reading Please and Thank You

Waiting for Baby Bird

Dear God, I Need Her Around a Lil Bit Longer

Every Friday afternoon I pick my husband up from work and we go through the drive thru to grab lunch before heading off to Grandmother's house we go. She is a 93-year-old feisty lil pinochle loving-lady with lots of crazy stories that always start with "years ago." Sometimes if it is a distant memory, she… Continue reading Dear God, I Need Her Around a Lil Bit Longer

Waiting for Baby Bird

When, God…When?

My favorite time of the year is Christmas. Everyone who knows me knows this. I love buying gifts for others, hearing the Christmas songs being played non-stop on the radio, watching the same Christmas movies over and over (and over), and attending all of the ugly Christmas sweater parties. I also love decorating my house… Continue reading When, God…When?