Waiting With Expectation

Megan isn’t “physically” expecting but that didn’t stop the H.O.P.E. support group from exercising their faith and standing in agreement with her that she will be seeing the Promise of God manifest in her life soon.

Several weeks ago, while discussing different ways we could begin exercising our faith, we decided to have surprise “I’m Next” baby showers for each other. So, about four weeks ago, I put all of the ladies names in a cup and randomly pulled out one lucky recipient. Megan was the first name I drew and I immediately sent all of the other ladies a message with the date of when the surprise “I’m Next” baby shower would be. I also informed them that she loved monkeys and owls.

She received several “homemade” gifts including a painting for the nursery, a towel/apron to wear while giving the little bundle of joy a bath, and an embroidered onsie that reads, “After every storm there is a rainbow of hope…here I am”

My Aunt made the awesome yummy chocolate cake and we played a few baby shower games.

It was a lot of fun and I believe all of our faiths were strengthened. It was also an excellent opportunity to stand in agreement with Megan and express our support and belief that she will soon be experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Also, after the gifts were opened Megan discussed how she has begun exercising her faith in simple ways. For example, each morning she writes a note to her husband wishing him a great day and puts it inside his lunch box. Before attending HOPE support group meetings, she would only sign her own name, but now she signs the boy and girl names that they have picked out as well. How cute and sweet! What an excellent way to exercise one’s faith.

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